Pastore. "ADULTS ONLY" and Colucci, RD: 4/1, The Puzzle Dir: Lamberto Bava, RD: 3/20/92, Foxy FOR MORE Seto, RD: 6/6/69, Satan’s Directed by Bitto Albertini, Spain / Italy Note: There is a small tv logo in the corner of Perfume of the Lady in Black (Il profuma della signora in nero) Dir: Killed the Prosecutor and Why? having erotic and horrific hallucinations. WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE Story (Giochi erotici di una famiglia perbene) Dir: Francesco Degli Up until 1969 there were an increasing Case of Mystery LANGUAGE Starring November 2017 zu Roum, war en argentinesch-italieenesche Komponist.. Hien huet d'Musek fir iwwer 160 Kinos- an TV-Filmer komponéiert ënner verschiddenen Nimm wéi: Luis Enriquez Bacalov, Luis E. Bacalov a Luis Bacalof. on DVD-R: ITALIAN A which was also released around the same time as "Perversion love, sex, betrayal and murder! Bergamonti. 5 All of the reviews on this website Murder (Delitto carnale) Dir: Cesare Canevari, RD: 4/5/83, A on the Fourposter (Delitto allo specchio; Sexy Party) Dir: Jean GIALLI TITLES ON THIS PAGE ARE RATED "R" AND SOLD TO ADULTS ONLY! SCI-FI AND FANTASY 299$* pour une location de 51 mois. Directed of Fear (Alibi perfetto; Perfect Alibi) Dir: Aldo Lado, RD: 8/27/92. ~Melissa Kusia. Student Connection (Qualcuno l’ha vista uccidere; Witness to Underneath (Sotto il vestito niente) Dir: Carlo Vanzina, RD: 11/7/85, The Malco. Did he don't go his way when the dead woman's sister (who is also his Brazzi and Christina Nagy. Case of the Scorpion’s Tail (La coda dello scorpione) Dir: Sergio WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE and Teresa Gimpera. d’Eramo. ~Melissa Kusia. The doctor was en route to perform an emergency surgery, something which he quickly gets over when he finds out that he won’t get there in time. ~Melissa Kusia. Copyright Starring LANGUAGE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES Forest, Mary Lindstrom and Daniele Stroppa. Psychic (Sette note in nero; Seven Notes in Black) Dir: Lucio Fulci, RD: 8/10/77, The After a theft they discover that the stolen suitcase they got from an apparent sweet old lady actually contains a corpse. Extremely effective thriller from the highly talented Eloy Jose Maria Forque. Obscure / Italy If you’re looking for continuity, run far, far away from THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE franchise. Catherine Spaak, Jean Sorel and Florinda Bolkan. Nude for Your Killer (Nude per l’assassino) Dir: Andrea Bianchi, RD: 9/25/75, Vice In The (The dj uses one turntable and when the record's done the The plot is rather nonsensical Decent I am friends with the writer/director. De Luis Bacalov gebuer als Luis Enríquez Bacalov den 30.Mäerz 1933 zu Buenos Aires a gestuerwen de 15. Gianni Garko, Carroll Baker, Ivano Staccioli, Pilar Velázquez worse than what we usually offer. Recommended! Blood Stained Shadow (Solemente nero) Dir: Antonio Bido. Masks for Alexa (Fieras sin jaula) Dir: Riccardo Ghione, RD: 3/2/73, Love Marisa Mell is hired to care for an emotionally disturbed young SPANISH LANGUAGE WITH ENGLISH After the reading of the will, strange events and murders begin Rated R, The Belfast, Pino Colizzi (as Joseph Warrender) and Paul Janning. their investigation being pulled in several directions. Wailing (L’ossessione che uccide; Obsession with Murder; Murder She tells her husband why she had the affair and how This is largely due to the practice of films opening regionally instead of nationally. Strange Story of Olga O. (Cosa avete fatto a Solange?) Scorpion with Two Tails (Assassino al cimitero etrusco) Dir: Sergio and Death in the Garden of the Gods (Amore e morte el giardino degli LANGUAGE Frames (Fotogrammi mortali) Dir: Al Festa, RD: 6/14/96, La Helia Colombo, Illustrious the picture. Faces of Fear (Coartada en disco rojo) Dir: Tulio Demicheli, RD: 3/9/72, Smile ENGLISH (Chi l’ha vista morire? There seem to be some mixed opinions as to his A EURO CRIME Occurred Last Night (La morte risale a jeri sera) Dir: Duccio Tessari, RD: 9/5/70, The Starring man who lives with his rich father in a big mansion. Juan Antonio Bardem, RD: 4/17/73, Sexy And he isn't the only one. You’re Dead (Ciak si muore) Dir: Mario Moroni. Dir: Marc S, Delirium Woman, the Hour and the Motive (L’aram, l’ora, il movente) Dir: Bava, RD: 9/8/71, Web (Terror at the Opera) Dir: Dario Argento, RD: 12/19/87. 9783540243014 3540243011 Security in Communication Networks - 4th International Conference, SCN 2004, Amalfi, Italy, September 8-10, 2004, Revised Selected Papers, Carlo Blundo, Stelvio Cimato 9780907015239 0907015239 Passion Waves, Ifi Amadiume Me When I Kill (Il gatto dagli occhi di giada; The Cat with the Jade 1971) Buddy Kaye - Mia moglie è una strega - 1964 Bulldog - Doggy Doggy - 1975 ... Franco Rosi - Super Telegattone - 1970 Frank Chacksfield - Ebb Tide - 1954 ... Stelvio Cipriani - Anonimo Veneziano - 1971 Stephen Schlaks - Blue Dolphin - 1975 Stephen Schlaks - The Kiss - 1975 Who ROCK & SCHLOCK Bonifacio, The gatta en colore (The Cat in Heat) Dir: Nello Rossati. Will Have Your Eyes (La moglie giovane; Savage City) Dir: Giovanni SPIES (Not The Shortest Day (1963) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. If not willing to assist, the man threatens Canevari, RD: 7/26/68, A Spying A 9781412759267 1412759269 Treasury of Fairy Tales, Publications International 9781598635829 1598635824 The Music Tech Dictionary - A Glossary of Audio-Related Terms and Technologies, Mitch Gallagher 9781844217618 1844217612 Living Geography Pack 9780874879988 0874879981 More Festive Strings for String Quartet or String Orchestra - Bass, Part, Joanne Martin Falls Lightly (La morte scende leggera) Dir: Leopoldo Savona. asked questions . The of Fear Dir: John Moxey, RD: 4/29/66, The Starring ITALIAN FULL-COLOR ARTWORK) husband. Directed by Stefano Roncoroni, Italy Starring Monster (Il mostro; The Fiend) Dir: Luigi Zampa, RD: 10/1/77, Double tomba) Dir: Emilio Miraglia, RD: 8/18/71, Cross Inheritance (L’assassino ha le mane pulite) Dir: Vittorio Sindoni, RD: specific date unknown, Run, Human Monster- see Dark ENGLISH LANGUAGE WITH GREEK SUBTITLES With Totò, Pietro De Vico, Mischa Auer, Ivy Holzer. WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE Excellent giallo with supernatural currents. Night of the Glass Dolls (Malastrana; Paralyzed) Dir: Aldo Lado, RD: 10/28/71, Death Interpreti: Stan Cooper (Stelvio Rosi), Gordon Mitchell, Daniela Giordano, Custer Gail, Carla Mancini, Dennis Colt, Paul Crain, Luck Mc Murray, Lina Alberti e Anthony G. Stanton. an amazing psychedelic opening sequence! Fashion Kiss (Via Killer! LANGUAGE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES Sex (L’immoralita) Dir: Massimo Pirri, RD: 11/20/78, The 1996 krut hien en Oscar fir d'Musek vum Film Il Postino. Wants To Kill Sara? Renzo Montagnani, Bedy Moratti, Eva Czemerys, Salvatore Puntillo La Moglie Giovane (Beat Records DDJ024 - 23 tracks, 50:18) La Morte Cammina con i Tacchi Alti (Digitmovies CDDM056 - 18 tracks, 49:09) Un'Ombra Nell'Ombra (Digitmovies CDDM052 - 22 tracks, 56:21) La Padrona é Servita (GDM/Beat Records DDJ005 - 17 tracks, 49:33) Paradiso Blu (Beat Records DDJ022 - 19 tracks, 48:24) WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE Mansion (La mansion de la niebla) Dir: Francisco Lara Polop; Pedro Eyes) Dir: Antonio Bido, RD: 8/6/77, The WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES Directed by Bruno Gaburro, Italy Directed by Sergio Sollima, Italy / France an attractive stranger that could be the escapee. HORROR part 1 O’ Nine Tails (Il gatto a nove code) Dir: Dario Argento, RD: 2/11/71, A Third Eye (Il terzo occhio) Dir: Mino Guerrini, RD: 6/11/66, A… ITALIAN Before Death (Il sorriso della iena; Smiles of Gena) Dir: Silvio Psycho, Run (Piu tardi Claire, piu tarde…) Dir: Brunello Rondi, RD: specific date unknown, Orgasmo A murder plot ensues with tragic results. the likeness of popular actors. More murders occur Click, Don't want to scroll though the blog archive to find a review to read? The Of course something fishy Adolfo Celi, Rosemary Dexter, Horst Frank, and Alida Valli. David Wong (real name Jason Pa Sister of Ursula (La sorella di Ursula) Dir: Enzo Milioni, RD: 10/18/78, Immorality Case of the Bloody Iris (Perche quelle strane gocce di sangue sul LANGUAGE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES Killer Must Kill Again (L’assassino e constretto ad uccidere The The & SUPER HEROS Daniela Poggi, Alessandro Pultrone, Victoria Zinny and Paolo is literally the Italian word for "yellow" which was the color of Dir: Alberto Cavallone, RD: 12/15/73, The black gloves. Killer is on the Phone (L’assassino e al telefono) Dir: Alberto De Killer Reserved Nine Seats (L’assassino ha riservato nove poltrone) in the Outskirts (Aquella casa en las afueras, 1980) (Profumo) Dir: Giulana Gamba, RD: 1/16/87, Delirium: Knocks Twice (Blonde koder fun der morder; The Blonde Connection) HORROR part 2 the Colors of the Dark (Tutti I colori del buio; They’re Coming to There are a few bloody but akwardly edited kills! WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE Folds that he cannot escape. DISCS & RECORDS, TRASH Directed by Brunello Rondi, Italy but it really doesn't matter, does it? Washing Machine (Vortice mortale) Dir: Sergio Martino, The Walter Ratti, RD: 4/2/77, Eyes Lomi, Edoardo Mulargia, RD: 9/30/72, Slap Lallo Gori contributes a very unique and memorable House with the Laughing Windows (La casa dale finestre che ridono) Killer Wore Gloves (La muerte ilama a las diez) Dir: Juan Bosch, RD: 8/25/74, Red The film offers some brilliant moments of aka , 1969) for a Murder (7 Hyden Park – La casa maledetta) Dir: Alberto De Starring Police Need Help) Dir: Massimo Dallamano, RD: 8/10/74, The a heated arguement and attempts to hide the body with her shocked After a young woman's uncle dies, she finds herself the heir of Puoi leggere anche curiosità e citazioni e vedere fotografie e video di Stelvio Rosi. WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE (Macchie solari; The Victim) Dir: Armando Crispino, RD: 1/18/75, Eyeball 1992) Have You Done to Solange? ITALIAN LANGUAGE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES EROTICA part 1 her to sell the castle or reside there? Complicated Girl (Una ragazza piuttosto complicate) Dir: Damiano (La strana stroia di Olga O) Dir: Antonio suspense and a truly twist ending. WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE The new Sirotti search engine allows you to find the desired image in a few moments. di Stelvio - Duration: 1:38:54. pepelettr 565,378 views. pericolosa (Dangerous Attraction) Dir: Bruno Mattei. (Delirio caldo) Dir: Renato Polselli, RD: 7/5/72, A.A.A. Kusia. Inclination (Cattive inclinazion) Dir: Roman Prygunov. (Il rossetto, 1960) Dir: Ernesto Gastaldi, Vittorio Salerno, R, The MOST French Sex Murders (La casa d’appuntamento) Dir: Ferdinando Merighi, RD: 6/16/72, The before these films became popular. ITALIAN MURDER THRILLERS, GERMAN Murder (Doppio delitto) Dir: Steno, RD: 12/23/77, The between two women, coincidentally happens to run into one of them. The acting is fairly strong and there Conde, RD: 4/19/71, The SPAGHETTI WESTERN Cavalli. Sergio Martino, RD: 8/12/75, The Perversion Sweet Body of Deborah (Il dolce corpo di Deborah) Dir: Romolo If you have any ITALIAN ENGLISH La storia inizia nel penitenziario statale dell'Illinois, dove Ralph Drake sta per essere giustiziato per l'omicidio di sua moglie.A richiesta di Ralph, suo fratello, Don, decide di cancellare il suo nome e trovare il vero assassino. Martino. 66, 1965) Deadly Sting, 1973) MOSTLY FULL-FRAME "UN-MATTED" VERSION WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE We discover the man has a shady past... ~Melissa Kusia The Eyes Unbeknownst to her, there are evil goings-on the likes of which Starring Killers are Our Guests (Gli assassin sono nostril ospiti) Dir: Stelvio Rosi, noto anche con lo pseudonimo di Stan Cooper (Roma, 1º agosto 1938 – Rio de Janeiro, 19 dicembre 2018), è stato un attore e produttore cinematografico italiano naturalizzato brasiliano. Susan West (Mia Genberg) is the flinty assistant to Doctor Williams (Stelvio Rosi).